8 Steps After a Car Accident in the U.S.

For the United States as a major automobile country, having a car provides convenience but also brings a lot of trouble, as the saying goes, there is always walking on the river, which does not wet shoes. The same is true for driving.

1. After a car accident, do not panic, first see if the other party stops, if you see that the other party has no tendency to stop, immediately remember the car model, license plate number (if you have good eyesight)

2. After that, check whether you and your passengers are injured, and then check the damage to the vehicle. At this time, you should quickly call 911, the 911 operator is usually black, speak with an accent, but do not panic. You just have to say that you are in a car accident, in a certain road (location is very important, if you do not know the location, find people around the class busy) and then according to the damage to the vehicle to decide whether to ask for an ambulance, remember! It is the state of the damage, because in the future there will be problems with insurance claims. If the vehicle looks badly damaged, whether you are injured or not, say that you need 911.

3. After calling the police, do not panic, you do not need to go up and the other driver theory, because the police will come to rule, you just need to sit in the car calm, calm and calm. Then look around to see if there are witnesses. If not, there is no need to rush, the police will come to rule on everything, of course, if there is better. I had a car accident, half of the car destroyed, but in fact I do not know how the accident happened, it was too sudden. But there were four witnesses who testified that the other party was at fault. I was able to settle the claim. (A small addition to knowledge, the police will ask if you have witnesses)

4. When the police arrive, all you have to prepare is your insurance card + driver's license. Then the police will record your information and the other party's information, of course, you also need to take a statement. When the police ask you are u ok? Don't answer ImFine. If you clearly know that it's not your fault, you should say that your arm hurts, your leg hurts, and you are dizzy. This time the ambulance will pull you away. Because the insurance company in the future claims, if you have been in the hospital, at least will pay you 500 comfort, and all other expenses are reimbursed. The last car accident was worried about the car, did not have time to say to go to the hospital, the result of the insurance company's claim is a haphazard, because going to the hospital and not going to the hospital will be completely different claims procedures, if you have been to the hospital, the insurance company's attitude toward you will be much better.

5. When the police go to the other side to collect evidence, you must call your insurance company as fast as possible to report the accident, the insurance company will later tell you the name and contact information of the Adjuster responsible for your claim, the Adjuster is the person you need to fax the documents to later.

6. After that, the police will give you a card stating the date of the Police Report, and you will be asked to pick up the Police Report at the designated police station. This is the only evidence that the insurance company has to determine liability, so be sure to pick it up and FAX it to your AdjusterASAP, So in these days, you should try to contact the other party's Adjuster, if not, do not panic, anyway, the PoliceReport has clear information to tell you the name of the other party's insurance company, Policy No. and all the information you can find him, so do not panic. So in the process of waiting for the PoliceReport, you better go to rent a car (if you are Liability, if it is FullCover, then your insurance company will rent for you) for Liability, many people will worry about the rental car costs are not reimbursed, in fact, you better wait for the PoliceReport out before renting, after all For some accidents that are difficult to decide, maybe both parties are responsible, and this time the claim is the problem.

7. After the Police Report comes out, all you have to do is to give all your receipts for expenses to the responsible party's insurance company FAX over, so you have to collect all the Receipts. Then it's an endless phone battle with the insurance company and your adjuster, don't expect them to answer your calls, all you can do is leave messages.

8. The insurance company will give you checks one after another.

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