The other party does not have car accident insurance, who will cover my damages?

When you are out and about, even if you are driving carefully, you cannot avoid the possibility of being hit by someone else. In this case, we all know that if the other party is the responsible party, then we can definitely claim from the other party's insurance company to get all the compensation we deserve. This is the best ending. But reality is sometimes harsh.

In the United States, many car owners choose to buy insurance once in a while or buy it and then not renew it for the sake of being cheap. There are also cases where car owners buy insurance but buy a very low amount of coverage. If in this case the other side hit the next, their car is only a minor scrape people are not injured is easy to solve. If you are injured and the other party does not have insurance, or if you hire a car accident attorney and your compensation is greater than the amount of insurance you bought, then what do you do at that point? The most important car insurance for everyone: Uninsured/underinsured Insurance

Uninsured coverage for the other party (Uninsured)

The most irritating part of a car accident, besides being hit, is finding out that the other party does not have insurance. In the United States, if the other party does not have insurance, you cannot make a personal injury claim against them or seek compensation for damage to your car. (If you really want compensation, you can only go to court to sue the other party, but in this case you can only find a civil accident lawyer and often civil accident lawyers charge by the hour. Even if you win, the other party does not have the property, you will not get the money and you need to pay for the car accident lawyer.) In this case, the best hope lies with your own insurance company. If you bought a car with your own insurance that will cover you if the other party does not have insurance, then you will be able to make a claim against your own insurance company. The use of this insurance does not affect your own car insurance coverage, so don't worry.

The procedure for filing a claim with your own insurance company is the same as for filing a claim with the other insurance company. You will still need to see a doctor for treatment and wait for the treatment to be completed before you can claim from your insurance company. Don't be reluctant to buy this insurance. I often meet many customers to consult when they find that the other party does not have insurance, they did not buy this insurance, can not ask the other party to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages, emotional damage, etc.. This is the same as the person to the other side for nothing hit. Recently, a Mr. A was rear-ended by a car on the highway. The scary thing is that the other party actually fled the scene. In the U.S., if the other party fled and could not be found, the case would be handled as if the other party had no insurance, and Mr. A broke his left leg and went to the doctor several times for treatment. But in the end, because the other party fled without insurance, he did not buy the insurance of the other party without insurance, resulting in Mr. A had to pay the medical bills himself. So remember the price of this insurance is only around a few dozen, so don't save money by not buying it. A price will include two insurance, the other party does not have insurance as well as the other party insurance is not enough.

The other party has insurance, but not enough coverage to pay for all my damages (Underinsured)

It is always better to have insurance on the other side than to have no insurance on the other side. But the problem is that some states only require a minimum of $10,000 or $20,000 of coverage. The owner will only buy the minimum amount of insurance for the sake of cheap. But what if the value of your injuries exceeds the amount of insurance the other party has purchased? For example, Mr. B is hit by a car and is seriously injured. At the end of his treatment, his injury lawyer thinks his compensation should be in the range of $40,000. But the other party's insurance is only $25,000, so where do you get the remaining $15,000? The other party's insurance will definitely not pay the 15,000. The other party only buys 25,000 insurance then the insurance company will only pay 25,000. You can only claim the rest from your own insurance company. After the accident attorney has processed the other party's insurance claim, he or she will turn to your own insurance company and inform them of the situation and that the other party's insurance coverage is insufficient.

By this time, your insurance policy is just under $25,000. You will be able to pay out 15,000. Many of you may wonder if I can ask the insurance company to pay me the full 25,000 since I have bought 25,000. The answer is: it depends. If the car accident attorney can prove to the insurance company that your injuries are actually worth the full amount of coverage, and the insurance company agrees, then you can take the full amount. However, if your injuries are only minor, the insurance company may not give you the full amount of coverage. That's why getting a New York accident injury lawyer is the best solution in this case.

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