Lawyer Reminder: Call the police within 24 hours in case of a hit-and-run

You have to be very careful when traveling in the United States, and it is very unlucky if you have an accident, but it is even more of a headache if the driver's vehicle is not insured or if there is a hit and run. But fortunately, New York law states that you can apply for government insurance in such cases, but the law is very strict and you will not get compensation if you do not comply, for example, you must call the police within 24 hours. We summarize such legal situations below.

What circumstances apply to uninsured compensation?

Most uninsured compensation will pay for accident-related personal injuries if

You were driving or riding in a car accident in your name, you were driving or riding in another person's car accident, or you were a pedestrian.

A loved one who lives with you and is injured while driving or riding in a car accident in your name.

Anyone who has your permission to drive in a car accident in your name.

Anyone riding in a car accident driven by you but not in your name.

Limitations of Uninsured Compensation

Uninsured compensation places limits on the amount of money you may receive and the amount of that money.

Some uninsured compensation will pay for hit-and-run division car accidents. This indemnity is only valid if you or your car is actually hit by another vehicle. If your uninsured compensation includes compensation for a hit-and-run accident with a hit-and-run driver, you may need to call the police within 24 hours of the accident to make it valid.

Other uninsured benefits will only be payable to you if you have identified the hit-and-run driver or vehicle.

If you are injured at work, your uninsured compensation will be reduced by the amount of workers' compensation or other disability benefits you receive.

If your insurance company pays your medical bills, your total uninsured compensation will be reduced accordingly.

If you or a loved one is injured in another person's car accident and the other person is the driver of an uninsured vehicle, the insurance coverage for the car accident in which you were riding will be responsible for the primary uninsured benefits and your own insurance will be responsible for the secondary uninsured benefits. If the primary uninsured benefits do not cover all of the damages, then your uninsured coverage will cover the rest of the costs.

After an accident, the ability to obtain compensation and the amount of compensation that can be obtained is closely related to the attorney's professional experience in handling the case and ability to grasp all the details of legal liability. If you are injured in an accident, be sure to seek the assistance of an experienced and reputable attorney who specializes in accidental injury claims. In particular, beware of the following two situations.

First, some hospitals will betray patient information, so when someone is injured and hospitalized, many agents will come to the hospital to give out business cards, and sometimes you will encounter more than a dozen such agents who keep giving out business cards, so ignore these people.

Secondly, after the accident, some insurance companies will send out investigators very quickly, and after the investigation, they will say they will pay the money immediately, and then let the person sign the contract.

In this case, many people are easily trapped, because some injuries do not show up immediately, and it takes a few days to know how serious their injuries are, and without the help of professional lawyers, people do not know the amount of money they should claim, and signing the contract hastily will only make their interests suffer. After you have been injured in an accident, consult a lawyer first and do not talk to the insurance company until then.

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