What are these other hidden benefits of an online MBA program?

When taking an MBA, many people will consider the option of joining an online MBA program for many reasons. This is because of the advantages and the cone of vision cells that come with distance online learning. While there may not be a choice but as a distance learner, it is important to understand the different factors associated with an MBA.

Opportunity #1: Stop and think about some grand business topics.

In today's deadline driven world, it seems crazy to spend two years sitting in a classroom studying. How can you give up two years of your salary and throw in a big tuition bill? But on the other hand, it's a rare luxury to be able to take a break from the daily grind and actually sit down and study with some reflection. For those who don't have enough money, this is simply out of reach, so cherish your opportunity and make the most of your reflection time.

Opportunity #2: Meet some lifelong friends who will make it big in the business world.

This is probably the aspect that most MBA graduates discuss more often after a few years. You've been through a tough time together to earn your MBA, so it's hard not to find a few friends in distress during that time. These friends can be more than just good people; they are likely to succeed in the business field they are focused on and act as your "sounding board" later on. In the future, their friends' friends are likely to become valuable contacts for you. So, you should always meet and maintain contact with as many friends in your class as possible.

Opportunity #3: Realize how little you know about the world.

When you stepped into business school, you thought you were the cream of the crop. In some ways, that's true. But you may only be twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. Even if you were the best in high school, went to a very good college, and had a coveted, high-paying job before entering business school, there's a good chance you're still a "white boy. It's not your fault. You're still a cut above the rest, but you're still young. You still have a lot to learn about business and the world. But the good news is that you'll have a chance to cut through that ignorance while pursuing your MBA. Make sure you go into business school with your eyes wide open.

Opportunity #4: Learn how to get a bunch of hyperactive Type A personalities to function like a team.

At any good business school right now, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of team projects. These programs are not to be underestimated. Each of you is the best, each of you is passionate, each of you thinks you are too smart for your own good. When the task arises, all of you will want to be the leader. It's quite a challenge to learn how to work together and get others who are also Type A personalities like you to work in the same direction. You may not find the perfect solution, but there are opportunities to learn.

Opportunity #5: Think about the global economy and not just the small circle you used to work in.

No matter what your last job was, right now, you need to step out of that narrow view. It's better to realize that the world is a big place, and you need to find ways to make some money in it and stay sustainable.

Opportunity #6: Talk to professors who will really challenge your thinking.

To get ahead in the business world, it is very important that you find and develop at least a number of good mentors. In business school, you'll be exposed to several professors who can really expand your thinking. You'll hear about them from other students; if you're lucky, you may be in the class he's teaching. If you're smart, you'll try to build relationships with these professors and learn the most you can from them. If you need good mentors afterwards, start by establishing mentoring relationships with these academic giants.

Opportunity #7: Hear from a variety of accomplished executives.

If you want to be great, you have to understand what made those people great. When they come to speak, you have that opportunity. Don't just listen, you have to sit in the front row of the auditorium and be the first to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Opportunity #8: Re-select your area of focus.

Even though you're in your 27 or 28th year, the clock keeps ticking and your career window is closing. You can't change careers once in your 30s, once in your 35s and once in your 40s. People who really make it in business are focused on one field. Today you have that opportunity in business school. If you were in manufacturing and now want to focus on finance, you can do that; if you were in accounting but now want to focus on private equity, you can do that too. The sooner you find the area you want to focus on, the more you can put your energy into the right courses, the right clubs, and the right summer jobs between academic years.

Opportunity 9: Learn how to do personnel management.

You'll have several classes on personnel management. They may be called "leadership" or "drive," but they are about managing a group of people and getting them to work for you. Before entering business school, you probably had little experience managing large teams. As a result, you may have dropped these "people relations" classes. However, what you don't realize now is how important people management will be to your career later on. Stop snickering and listen carefully to the concepts they discuss in these classes.

Opportunity #10: Learn how to step up to the plate and speak your mind.

It sounds funny, but your success in the business world depends heavily on your speaking and presentation skills. It sounds incredible how many people just can't speak in front of a crowd, are afraid to get up on stage, and don't want to speak in public. MBA students are generally a step up in eloquence from the general public, but there is still no shortage of people who are terrible speakers. Nevertheless, you will have plenty of opportunities to improve. Take advantage of such opportunities and actually improve. You'll be amazed at how much of a career boost it will be down the road.

Good luck, MBAs. Enjoy your time in business school and make the most of it. You have an incredible opportunity in front of you.

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