How long does it usually take to receive an online MBA? (PART 1)

Online MBA programs are usually for students who need more flexible schedules, such as Full-time employees or people who have their businesses.


If you want to get a master's degree but don't have enough time to take classes on campus, online courses can help you achieve your goals. Many well-known universities offer online-only courses and hybrid courses that combine distance learning with traditional teaching structures. The time required to complete any of these courses depends on the type of degree and the institution you are attending.

Average MBA Duration

The online master's degree in business takes nine months or four years. Online courses are aimed at working individuals, usually for non-traditional students. Many systems require about 30 credit hours. Depending on your chosen school and course schedule, you should spend about two years completing the online course. Some schools provide optimized plans. These plans usually only focus on core business categories, and those who join these plans usually already have extensive experience in a particular industry. If you choose to specialize in a professional field, it may take more time to obtain these certificates.

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