What concentrations can I get for MBA?

Finding an MBA is not a panacea. With optional concentration, you can customize your area of interest and specialize in the knowledge that leads to a specific career path. Whether it's deepening your investment in your current field or eager to change your career direction, focusing your energy can give recruiters a clear understanding of your priorities. The 100% UAB online MBA program provides the following four concentrations.



The financial concentration provides you with a detailed overview of the processes that lead to financial executives in large companies. It includes building investment portfolios, managing mergers, and acquisitions, calculating risks, and managing company capital.



By studying marketing, you can understand how the modern department promotes the company and products, conducts the latest analysis, and makes data-based decisions. You will also learn how to make the most of the latest software tools to control and monitor activities.


Management Information Systems

Since today's companies are more digital than ever before, knowledge of information systems is of great significance. With this concentration, you will learn best practices related to information security, social media usage, web analysis, etc.


Health service

Healthcare management is different from any other field. Federal regulations regulate the security and confidentiality of personal data and fixed financial requirements in the insurance industry. With this focus, you can indulge in these practices.

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