Smart MBA statistics you should know before applying(PART 1)

With so many options, it may be difficult to make an informed decision on the length of the MBA program. Before you start applying for an MBA, please read these tips to learn how to determine the most suitable length of your MBA course.


1. Full-time MBA program: 2 years

The full-time MBA program is most suitable for students who can complete two years of study. The full-time MBA program is not suitable for work schedules, so please make sure you are ready to resign. However, full-time MBA programs benefit from undergraduates starting their careers. Its also important to consider cost: two years of schooling without a full-time job can be prohibitive.


2. Part-time MBA program: about 3 years

If you already work but want to pursue an MBA at the same time, then an on-the-job MBA course may be the most meaningful. You will be able to use the same departments and resources as your full-time colleagues, but enjoy greater flexibility and better work-life balance. Of course, studying for a degree for three years is a long time. Therefore, please consider whether you can (or are willing) to maintain this commitment for a long time.

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